car breakdown
09Aug, 20/ 15 views

Top Five Causes of Car Breakdown

You’re late for work, can’t take the kids to their swimming lessons, and can’t do the big shop you were planning on this evening.  What could be more frustrating than your car breaking down? How about finding out that it was entirely avoidable? How to avoid a car breakdown Statistics show that the vast majority of people will suffer …

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13Jul, 20/ 12 views

Will my car insurance cover putting the wrong fuel in my car?

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car, don’t beat yourself up too much; it happens to the best of us. It’s a mistake few people make more than once in their life, as it tends to stick in your head after the first incident! Some car insurance policies include cover for this scenario, it’s known as misfuelling cover. If you …

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Wrong Fuel Help And Support 24/7
28Jun, 20/ 3 views

Wrong Fuel Help! In Need Of Specialist Wrong Fuel support?

In need of specialist wrong fuel support? Help is here! So you’re in the right place. Read on to find out what to do in ANY wrong fuel situation. Perhaps you’ve had a misfuel mishap and require an expert breakdown service to get your vehicle back to running condition? Put petrol into your diesel engine car? Or visa versa and your petrol car …

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Mobile Wrong Fuel Service, Accrington, Lancashire
25Jun, 20/ 1 view

Mobile Wrong Fuel Drain In Accrington & Hyndburn, Lancashire. 

Vauxhall Astra Estate stops shortly after being misfuelled by driver who’d borrowed the car from a friend. After always owning a petrol car since passing their driving test 18 years ago. The temporary driver of this diesel Vauxhall car unwittingly filled the tank with petrol at the fuel station after loaning the car from a friend after their ow …

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24Jun, 20/ 37 views

Rapid Response Wrong Fuel Solutions Available Now!

No.1 rapid response roadside fuel drain operator for Lancashire, Pendle and the Fylde. We’re on call and available for immediate emergency wrong fuel assistance, Around the clock, 24/7,365. WrongFuelMan provides mobile misfuel solutions throughout the entire United Kingdom. However, since our primary depot is situated in Lancashire just off junc …

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Wrong fuel problem in Vauxhall Car. Preston, Lancashire
21Jun, 20/ 2 views

Wrong Fuel In Vauxhall Insignia Car In Preston, Lancashire.

Wrong fueling mistake in Preston, Lancashire halts Vauxhall Insignia car. WrongFuelMan received a call out recently to attend a wrong fuel situation in Preston Lancashire. The Vauxhall Insignia had been misfuelled with petrol instead of diesel and needed the contaminant removing from the car’s tank and fuel system. On arrival the vehicles owner …

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3rd June 2020/ 1 view

Skoda Octavia Suffers Wrong Fuel Breakdown in South Lakes, Cumbria

This civil servants Skoda Octavia estate car broke down outside the home address after suffering a misfuel incident. The diesel vehicles tank was accidentally filled with 60 litres of petrol and driven homeward before the engine failed and wouldn’t restart. Wrong Fuel Man was called out to the scene and a mobile fuel drain unit & technician …

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