If you choose to do that, you do so at your own risk.
There are many variables that determine the differing levels of damage a misfuel contamination may do to an engine.
Checking online with your vehicle’s manufacturer or your mechanic should provide you with enough
This should help you decide whether or not you wish to take responsibility for any liable risks for any subsequent consequences should they occur.
Circulating the wrong fuel through any engine may cause damage, but referring to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidelines should clarify this.
Fortunately it is rare that any damage caused by a misfuel is either irreversible or catastrophic to the engine.
However, to minimise the inevitable risk of further damage and increasing repair costs, complete drainage and decontamination of the vehicle fuel tank and system is required.
Unfortunately, not in many cases. Most breakdown/insurance providers treat misfuelling incidents as a self-inflicted mishap, only offering aid and assistance at an additional cost, premium or excess to the policy holder.
Please contact your insurer to confirm your individual policy details.
If you do have cover, why not contact them for a quotation?
The majority of national breakdown/recovery companies usually have a minimum or fixed fee for a fuel
drain service. Many don’t offer a mobile fuel drain service at all, requiring your vehicle to be towed/recovered to a garage or your home for a static drain, which can be both time-consuming and
This differs between different vehicle manufacturers, dealerships and suppliers. You would have to  consult with your individual provider.Prices, procedures and protocols for misfuelling varies widely among the many individual organisations  within the industry.
Don’t worry – WrongFuelMan can still help. We operate alongside a network of trusted third-party contractors within the same industry throughout the whole of the UK, and can direct you to an expert
fuel-drain technician swiftly and safely, no matter where you are located.
Our price/fee is calculated individually to each misfuelling situation.
This calculation is based on each job’s
detailed specifications.
Providing individual quotes allows WrongFuelMan to provide unparalleled competitive rates within the
industry and is a major factor why WrongFuelMan can consistently deliver outstanding value to our
Call now for an immediate quote.

It is extremely unlikely – although not impossible – that irreparable damage will have occurred. However, you are covered by our ’no fix – no fee’ policy*