water in petrol contamination of VW Golf in Liverpool
13Feb, 20/ 1 view

News : Supermarket Petrol contamination causes chaos for motorists

A  Merseyside supermarket fuel station suffered a suspected water contamination in Liverpool last week. As a result many motorists unwittingly filled their  vehicles with the contaminated fuel and drove onwards before engine troubles began to develop. This lead to a number of petrol vehicles breaking-down roadside within a close radius of the filling …

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Mercedes van wrong fuel misfuel incident Lancashire
12Feb, 20/ 4 views

WrongFuelMan delivers an outstanding service to save the day.

Another PRIME customer rescued last night by one our Wrong Fuel Man technicians. This Amazon courier driver suffered the unfortunate yet common event of misfueling his Mercedes Sprinter delivery van mistakenly with Petrol instead of Diesel. These vans have a large capacity 90 litre fuel tank. So due to the majority of this contamination being petrol, …

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